Get your free personalised eco-action plan online

Take our 2-minute quiz to get your own dashboard of green actions, tailored to suit your tenancy status and household type. Each recommendation includes step-by-step instructions on what to do and where to go to get what you need.

You can add actions to your to-do list and complete actions to gain impact points. This free little tool is helpful if you’re just getting started on your sustainability journey. If you know a lot about green living already, we recommend waiting for our flagship mobile app, coming out Nov 2019.

Find the green initiatives near you with our free Guide tool

*Only available for Canberra residents and visitors at the moment.
Our free Neighbourhood Effect Guide app makes it easier for you to search for and find local eco-friendly community initiatives and great green businesses near you. Discover nearby zero waste groups, discount KeepCup coffee, locally-produced fresh seasonal food, sustainable living workshops and more!

Our flagship FitBit for Carbon app (due Nov 2019)

We are so proud and excited about the behavioural-science back sustainable living app we are building. Think MyFitnessPal for environmental sustainability. You’ll get personalised green lifestyle programs that show you exactly what actions you need to take in your daily life to massively cut your carbon footprint. Gain levels as you tick off real world actions, that actually tie into your local area, connecting you with all the amazing green neighbourhood initiatives around you. Sign up as a beta tester to get access to our first release here.


All our pro-tips (Coming soon!)

We’re currently doing a big update of our website. This will include our best advice and hacks on how to gradually tweak your day to day behaviours to have an outsize positive impact on the environment and on your own health and wellbeing. We’re a super tiny team, so if you’re passionate about this too and want to help, get in touch here!