Guide App FAQs and Troubleshooting


Where do I download The Neighbourhood Effect Guide App?

Open this link on your phone:

If you have an iPhone or iPad, click ‘Open in the App Store’. On Android phones, click ‘Get it on Google Play’. Your phone will then open the app store.

For iPhones and iPads: Download the app there by tapping the little icon that looks like a cloud with an arrow in it, then tap ‘Open’ to open the app.

For Android phones: Tap ‘Install’ and then ‘Open’.

Find a Guide page.PNG

If you see this app screen, just type in The Neighbourhood Effect

The Neighbourhood Effect Guide should load immediately when you open the app. But if it doesn’t, and you see this screen instead, just type ‘The Neighbourhood Effect’ into the search bar.

Then tap the blue-green house icon when it appears and your localised Canberra guide should load automatically.


If you’re still having trouble - get in touch with us at and we’ll help you get set up.