We raised almost $30,000!

In July 2018, we wrapped up our crowdfunding campaign with ING's DreamStarter program. Thanks to the amazing generosity of our supporters, we were able to raise almost $30,000 in just under a month. That's thousands of dollars over our fundraising target. We'll use this funding to build the full version of our mobile app and website.

To check out the details of the campaign and what we'll be doing next, go to:  https://startsomegood.com/projects/the-neighbourhood-effect

A huge thank you to all our wonderful donors. This initiative exists because of you. The names of these wonderful people are listed on our Honour Roll below. 

Our fundraising window has now closed, but there's plenty you can still do to help support us. Step one is becoming a member by adding your email to the bottom of this page to get updates about our progress.

Finally, a big thank you to our partners and the organisations and individuals below, who generously donated their time, energy and products to support our campaign: 

project supporters June 2018 Screenshot.png
Crowdfunding campaign ING page screenshot July2018.png

Thank you!


Project Supporters

Richard Denniss, The Australia Institute

Jennifer Tonna and Edwina Robson, SEE-Change

The Alternative Technology Association

Smiths Alternative Cafe

The Co-op Food Shop


The Neighbourhood Effect DreamStarter Honour Roll

Major Supporters

Louis Chen

Ben Weise

Jerome Barty-Taylor

Bek Hamed

Anne Murray

Kate Dawson 

Caroline Le Couteur

Libby Gordon 

89 Degrees East

Paul Duck

Julie Gottlieb

Kate Pounder

Quentin Dempster

Elizabeth O'Brien

Andrew Dempster 


Drew Trahms

Anthony Scott

Robin Murray

Skye Haldane

Estella Janz-Robinson

Neil Doody

Su Hanfling

Kevin Taylor

Anastassia Krstevska

Susie Flynn

Nora Lambe

Stephanie Groves

Nina Davis

Railene Geddes

Tom Cappie-Wood

Ryan Forness

Jawad Shamsi

Laura Ingram

Caroline Dix

Shaun Moore

Emmi Robinson 

Kelly Grandiek

Denise Broeren

Katherine Potter 

Sam Oomens

Paige Seymour

Pia Hofstetter

Laura Jones

Dana Spiers

Natalie Colbran

Sandra Cavallo

Madeleine Hill

Ariana Thornton

Yuhan Newitt

Ian Armstrong

Bridget Pearl

Virginia Gordon

Jessica Lee


Sharnel and Patrick Conrick

Genevieve Morley

Elena Kirschbaum

Benjamin de Buen

David Abkiewicz 

Hal Judge

Kelsey Cooke

Usman Iftikhar

Vanessa Varghese

Chris Black

Roger  Bodley 

Susannah Seaholme-Rolan

Casey Harris

Matthew Benetti

Via David

Thierry Millere

Ben Brocchi

Mark Fabian

Lana Weal

Dewi Darby

John Dow

Tom Sloan

Robin Sevenoaks

Julie Esdaile

Joseph Clarke

Anna Balchin

Paula Dale

Aline Van Koninckxloo

Michael Diamond

Guy Dempster

Merrilyn Walton

Alexander Jorgensen-Hull

Lisa Stiebel

Lauren Smyth

Mark Stenhouse

Otis Ng

Valerie Beer

Jessica  Scranton 

David Rae

Paul Sharp

Caroline Andrew

Bruce Donald

Charles Barnett

Daniele Adele 

Grace Kinch

Thomas Hume

Marc Oltramare

Laura Langston

Tasman Vaughan

Carly Watson

Julie May

Sherri Lehmann

Chris Cranswick-Smith

Keren Best

Cheryl Gledhill

Dot Thompson

Chris Harle

Dom Northcott

Elise Dare

Sung Lee

Dylan Anderson

Liz Derks

Nick Hudson

Emma Levine

David Kirk

Julian Foord

Melinda Clarke

Pat Rodis

Rose Penner-Wilson 

Simon Gottlieb

Rhiannon Hughes

Reuben Ingall

Daniel Scully

Georgia Jones

Jordan Smith

Tom Klug

Bronte Hogarth

JJ Klug

Chrissy  S

Lauren Melksham

Netti Vonthethoff 

Alice Ritchie

Ferrous Digital

Chris Endrey

Margaret O'Connor

Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin

Jessica Coates

Meg O'Connell

Chenoeh Miller

Maeli Cooper

Ali Goward